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Other Sightseeing

Apart from the characteristic archaeological regions and the newly protected monuments, there are many other places:
A substantial number of neo-classical homes and mansions are scattered throughout the central part of Leros. Although there are some detached and a grouping of buildings bearing a unique style in Lakki, it is not possible for them to be preserved and to emerge into and be protected by the specific regulations protecting traditional settlements that apply in Greece today. The entire settlement within the Italian era town plan constitutes a true landmark. Further, beyond the boundaries of the Italian era town plan, there are distinguished buildings and units that constitute landmarks, as well.

Such buildings are:
1. The Italians’ radio station.
2. The building units for the State Infirmary of Leros.
3. The remains of Italian military installations
4. The residential cluster of homes at Agia Marina, Platanos and Panteli
5. The roads that connect Platanos Square with Agia Marina which combine neo-classical and local Leros type homes with the Italian styled homes along the coast.
6. The coastal road that connects Agia Marina with Alinta, and also the coastal road of Alinta
7. The churches of Agia Marina with the church of Saint Nikolaos at Lakki
8. The small country church of Saint Matrona - Kiouras, with its wall frescos created by the prisoners during the dictatorship years, and the army camp complex in Partheni, which consist of monuments of historical remembrance and symbolic value.
9. The small church of the Virgin Mary of Gourlomata in Drymonas
10. The scattered remains and remnants of Italian fortresses primarily located on hills.

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