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Agia Marina

Agia Marina is the second largest city of the island, which is located north, is just a few minutes walk from Platanos. Agia Marina is one of the most beautiful settlements in Leros with many traditional houses that spread from the port untill the foot of the hill and imposing mansions that create a labyrinth of narrow alleys, worth admiring. Right at the entrance of the port stands the Byzantine fortress of Bourtzi. Of great interest is also the archeological collection of Agia Marina as well as the churches of Christ the Saviour, the Holy Cross and the remarkable church of Agia Marina that embellish this town. The settlement is dominated by the famous Castle of Panagia, which is built on top of the hill Apitiki offering wonderful panoramic views to the open sea. Agia Marina is the most popular tourist resort of Leros. It becomes very lively during summer offering numerous accommodations and tourist facilities.

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